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Nebraska Public Power District's Economic Development Team produces an amazing amount of online data for your research needs whether you are a site consultant, business prospect, community leader, or an individual looking to learn more about Nebraska. Put us to work for you!

Types of research include 1) project specific, 2) informative, and 3) ongoing.

  1. Project Specific - Information you need to make your project work. This type of information is typically requested by the prospect or local community on an as-need basis.
  2. Informative - Research including opportunity studies, Facts Books, impact studies, trends, and other analysis useful in making sound decisions about doing business in Nebraska.
  3. Ongoing - Data down to the local level is made available through NPPD's research team, external sources, and people at the local level. NEDI Community Profiles are a great example of cooperative data made available to the public. A base set of data is available for every community and updated on a continual basis by NPPD. Local partners have access to update their specific local narrative and add additional data points. External partners pick up these data sets and use them in their databases ensuring the most consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data available.

Contact us regarding your research needs by calling (800) 282-6773 or by emailing To contact a specific individual, use the Contact Us page.

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Nebraska Economic Development Information (NEDI) Community Profiles can be found under Community Information on this website. Customized profiles are available for 536 communities in Nebraska. Profiles contain a series of economic and demographic data as well as local contact information.

City Search - Use the online City Search database to search by city, county, region, or other demographic to find communities in Nebraska. Results will have direct links to additional data including local websites, Facts Books, trend studies, available industrial properties, and individual community profiles.

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NPPD's research team has produced a number of agriculture and livestock related materials. While much of this data is produced in-house, NPPD's team works cooperatively with agencies such as the University of Nebraska, and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Examples of available studies include:

  • Economic Effects for a Model Dairy Operating in Non-Metropolitan Nebraska

  • Agriculture, Livestock Production and the Nebraska Economy (Nebraska Agriculture Study)

  • County Livestock Studies (more than 40 county studies in archives)

  • 5 Year Average Crops & Cattle (Nebraska & Counties)

For further information on value added agriculture opportunities, please contact NPPD by calling (800) 282-6773 or emailing Individual contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

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Visit Targeting & Opportunity Studies on this website for details about available studies.

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