Allmand Bros. plans to expand   5/9/2012

Holdrege - Allmand Brothers in Holdrege plans an expansion that may add 50 jobs at its plant...

Allmand Bros. plans to expand

By Jennifer Chick

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Holdrege - Allmand Brothers in Holdrege plans an expansion that may add 50 jobs at its plant.  Strong domestic and international demand led to the project.

"We're creating a new addition, what we would call a significant expansion in both the facility and equipment to go into the facility," Brad Allmand, chief executive officer of Allmand Brothers, said at a meeting Monday afternoon. "We really want to get it finished by the end of this year."

The expansion includes a 40,000-square-foot addition and the purchase of a fiber laser and brake press for a total investment of about $3 million. The expansion - a 50 percent increase in the plant's footprint - will allow Allmand Brothers to bring back many of the jobs it is outsourcing because of limited space at the Holdrege plant.

Matt Allmand, president of Allmand Brothers, said bringing those jobs back to Holdrege could lead to as many as 50 additional workers if growth continues and will give Allmand Brothers better quality control.  Allmand Brothers is best-known for its portable light towers, lighted arrow boards that direct highway traffic and industrial heaters. Most of the company's customers are in the construction, oil, gas and mining industries.

In 2009, Allmand Brothers cut its work force and employees' hours when demand dropped sharply. To cut costs, the company also sent much of its work to outside metal fabricators. Then, in 2010, demand started picking up.  With the recent purchase of a fiber laser, and the new space created by the addition, Allmand Brothers plans to bring those metal fabrication jobs back to Holdrege.

"From all we can tell, in the markets we pay close attention to, there seems to be a lot of growth left," Matt Allmand said. "We're seeing the domestic construction market start to come back. Customers that haven't bought anything for years are starting to place their first truckload orders here and there, and that's really good. And every month, we add one or two more countries where we have dealers."
Allmand Brothers currently ships products to more than 50 countries. Matt Allmand said if this growth continues, the company could add a night assembly shift. Allmand Brothers employs about 213 workers.  The new addition, on the east side of Allmand Brothers' current plant, will house an enlarged fabrication and welding area. The addition will be built on space currently used for outside storage, which prompted Allmand Brothers to buy 17 acres west of its facility. That land will be used to house the outside storage and to provide additional parking for employees.

"We feel like it is an opportunity for us to serve our stakeholders with excellence, integrity and respect, continuing to grow the company and doing what we can to be good citizens of the blessings the Lord has given us," Roger Allmand, chairman of Allmand Brothers' board, said.

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