New Nebraska Profit Opportunity Study Available   3/23/2012

An updated Profit Opportunities for Manufacturers of Plastics Products is now available online showing a significant labor and energy savings...

(March 2012) NAICS 3261 group, Plastics Products Industry, Approx. 40 pages.

Model Plant Size: 50 production workers, NAICS 3261

Study Size: 16 states. Besides Nebraska, these states include the top ten states in terms of industry production as well as other states near Nebraska with which it typically competes for industrial location projects.

Advantages: Compared to the 15 alternative states, Nebraska is found to offer an average annual savings of $364,297 in labor-related costs, which is 15.3 percent less than the average labor costs for the other states.

This study also concludes that a Nebraska plant location offers a significant energy cost advantage. Industrial electric rates for the alternative states average 20.4 percent more, and the average industrial gas rate is 17.4 percent higher than Nebraska. Combining these advantages, Nebraska's energy cost for the model plant is 16.6 percent less than the average for the 15 alternative locations.

Together, Nebraska's annual labor and energy costs for the model plant are $445,065, or 15.5 percent less than the average costs for the 15 alternative states. Conversely, the average labor and energy costs in the alternate 15 states are 18.3 percent more than the Nebraska labor and energy costs.

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